mexico through time

Mexico a Traves del Tiempo (Mexico through Time) marks one of the most significant projects in the tequila industry over the past 250 years.

In honor of our 15th anniversary in 2012, we decided to tell the story of México Through Time by incorporating 4 Mexican Designation of Origin items: Amber, Olinala, Talavera and Tequila into a collection of precious bottles and packaging. The challenge was to use all of these materials and create one handmade product. In early 2011, we brought together México’s most creative designers, writers, and artists to initiate the project. After nearly two years, the result was a series of extraordinary pieces which reflect the essence and culture of México.

The collections include 15 bottles with their respective cases.

PRICE COLLECTION: $450,000 US dollars.
All money goes to the non-profit foundation, Fundación con Causa Azul A.C.