How Clase Azul is Created

Clase Azul México is born from Mexican culture, tradition and artisanship; landscapes and authentic expressions that inspire our country’s artisans to imagine unique creations.

Our distillates

  • Our most exquisite traditions

    Mexico is a land of countless landscapes, rich and diverse. In the West, among valleys and hills, lies a region of great importance to us: Jalisco. Here blue agave has been honored for centuries; a plant whose exquisite distillate is testimony to centuries of Jalisco’s culture and traditions. 

    Tequila is one of our most precious treasures and our culture of generosity inspires us to share it with the world. 

  • A transformation over the years

    Our agaves grow in Los Altos de Jalisco, a region of red-colored earth where the elevation, minerals and climatic conditions create unique properties in the plant. 

    To become tequila, agave goes through a long transformation: 

    During the jima (harvest) the leaves of the plant are removed to expose its core, known as the piña. These piñas are slow-cooked in masonry ovens and then milled to extract the sugars that result from the cooking process. 

    Fermentation with our patented yeast imparts our distinctive profile to the elixir. Its notes are then molded through a double distillation in copper stills. This dedicated effort results in an exquisite tequila. 

  • Time is the artisan

    Clase Azul Tequila Plata is the result of the distillation; a brilliant unaged tequila that faithfully captures the notes of the agave. Nevertheless, for our tequilas, the journey isn’t over. 

    Time is essential in making tequilas with more complex profiles. To create them, our unaged tequila is allowed to mature in casks made from oak or other types of wood, studying and evaluating its evolution over the course of months and years. 

    From the distinguished Clase Azul Tequila Reposado to the extra aged Clase Azul Tequila Ultra, we firmly believe that each drop of tequila expresses something unique about the richness and character that only time can bestow. 

  • Mexico’s best-kept secrets

    Nine regions of the vast Mexican territory are proud guardians to a rich and ancestral tradition: mezcal. 

    Unlike tequila, a distillate exclusively made from blue agave, mezcal can be made from a wide range of agave species. Each mezcal is a reflection of the soil and conditions that have nourished the agave and led to its growth. 

Our artisanship

  • The Human Touch

    The artisanship found in our decanters is the expression of the human touch that distinguishes all of our creations.  

    Our artisans transform our country’s cultural diversity into objects of great significance, a creative process that demands artistic drive, great technical ability and knowledge that has been passed down for generations.  

  • Exquisite stories

    Each of our decanters speaks to our Exquisite Mexico. 

    Our tequila decanters tell stories through their decoration. Our artisans apply brushstrokes with great skill on the ceramic surface to create the beautiful patterns that distinguish our icons. 

    Our mezcal decanters, in their own right, display caps decorated with precious artisanal techniques, long-standing traditions in our country.

    Discover more about our icons here. 

Artisans of an Exquisite Life