Detail of the emblem oval of the Clase Azul Ultra bottle

Tequila Clase Azul Ultra

Clase Azul Ultra is the crown jewel of our portfolio, with an exquisite tequila and decanter exclusively designed for collectors around the world. 


Its journey lasts almost 14 years. Five of those years are spent inside a Spanish barrel that previously contained sherry, adding a sublime touch. 

Tasting Notes

COLOR: Dark amber with copper reflections.

BODY: Great body

AROMA: Sherry, prune, apricot, and cherry. Maple honey, hazelnut, and intense oak notes.

FLAVOR: Prune, cinnamon, caramel cream, vanilla, and crystallized ginger.


Pear tartlet and chocolate truffle with orange.


Hand-made and dressed in the most intricate yet delicate artistry of our artisans, its decoration includes three precious metals: pure platinum, a silver medallion, and a 24-karat gold label. 


A collectors' must-have.  

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